An Original Arizona Stage Stop

Owned and Operated by the Cordes Family for over 125 years.


Once a robust, hustling stage stop, used by weary travelers, cattlemen, miners, sheep and goat herders, Cordes remains much the same to give visitors a glimpse of days gone by.  Much of what was, still is, although time has taken its toll on the buildings, fences, trails and equipment.  The spirit of the people remain in a long line of generations that started in this place in 1883.

Now it is being brought back to life by the younger generation so people who have passed it by can now share in some of the memories.  Much history is on display to share with you while you browse through antiques and memorabilia of days long ago.  We invite you to come sit on the porch and feel the real spirit of generations that have gone on before.


                This is the original Cordes Store built in 1910.